Easy Ways to Gain New Twitter Followers

Starting out on Twitter for your business? Here are some easy ideas to get you going...

Twitter logo blue 300x244 1You have your Twitter page all looking lovely. It has all the information added to it that is relevant to your business, a great cover photo, a business logo, an enticing and snappy bio, a link to your website. So what’s next? Finding people who will follow and ultimately interact with you…and that can be a massive challenge.

When you are wanting to use it for business, then it isn’t necessarily the best idea to just have all your friends find you on Twitter. You now need to attract businesses and people who are going to find your tweets interesting, informative and useful for their business; eventually leading them to clicking onto your website and then becoming a prospect.

So here are some easy ways to gain new Twitter followers and just a few tips to get you started:

  • Make sure your bio has some good information about you and what you do. This is the first thing people will see about you so make it good. It is also what is displayed on Twitter’s Suggested Users page so it needs to have anything specific about you or your company. There is no point leaving it blank or trying to be too clever – it needs to show what you do.
  • Ensure your Twitter Links are all over your online presence. Include it on Facebook, your website, LinkedIn, your blog and any other media presence you have. Always make sure it is on your email signature, along with your website address.
  • Add a link to your business cards. Then whenever you hand one out it will be there for all to see.
  • If you give presentations, then ensure there is a page within your presentation that always includes all links relevant to you. Make it easy for people to find you.
  • Pictures are great and always make your tweets stand out and become more noticeable – so always try and add a picture or photograph. Make sure it’s one of your own though!
  • Always use a #hashtag for your key words. This will help to gain new followers who are interested in what you are tweeting about.
  • Find and follow people either in your industry or companies you would like to connect with. It could be the company profile or also staff or a director within the company.
  • twitter times

    If you want to get into a new area, then do your research. Find out who you want to connect with and look them up on Twitter.

  • React to other tweets and make valuable comments of your own. Retweet their posts occasionally if it is something that is of interest to your company. Obviously don’t just retweet everything they post but you need to make them aware of you, so they follow you back. Start an interaction.
  • Encourage people to retweet your links. Then your tweets will be seen to a larger audience.
  • Always try and add a link to your website, whether it is to a blog post or specific page, or perhaps just the home page. Once you start to grow your twitter followers, this should help to increase visitors to your website.
  • Make an offer on Twitter, or perhaps a competition. Ask people to share it to win a prize or something worthwhile to them or their business. People love an offer!
  • Tweet as often as you can. Keep your name out there, but try and keep it businesslike and relevant. The more active you are, the more likely you are to gain more followers.
  • Make sure you engage with those who respond to you. Thank them or answer their questions – this all helps with the interaction. Don’t automate it though – no one likes an automated message!
  • Think about when you are going to tweet. Pick times and schedule posts when most people will be thinking about checking Twitter.

Think that will give you something to get started with. However, if it is still all a bit much for you, then we can help with any social media assistance you need. Good luck with the tweets and let us know how you get on!