Charlie Saunders – Sokada’s Latest New Online Marketing Executive

Sokada have added to their team!
With digital marketing growing in such a massive way, we have recruited Charlie as our new Marketing Executive...

About Me

I am Charlie, I’m 18 years old, and my main role here at Sokada will be Online Marketing.

I have completed my studies at Sixth Form achieving A-levels in Business, Design Technology and Psychology. I was particularly interested in business throughout school, which shows in my results as it was the subject I achieved the highest grade in. The course gave me great insight into the basic fundamentals of the subject and a skillset that I am hoping to develop with the great people at Sokada. I am currently here 3 days a week with my other 2 working days being spent completing a shift at McDonalds. However, I soon hope to be at Sokada full time in the near future.

When I’m not at working I enjoy spending a fair amount of my time gaming. I personally enjoy more creative and open world games, where you can take full control over how you play. I also like playing football on Saturdays; less so watching it, being an Arsenal fan! For me it’s the perfect way to let off steam after a long week.

Before Sokada

Sokada is going to be my first ‘proper job’ but I have been working evening and night shifts at McDonalds. During my time at McDonalds I have gained quite more experience then I expected. It’s definitely improved my social skills as I’ve worked alongside a variety of people and had to deal with a range of customer feedback. It’s also helped me in improving and developing my work ethic as it is a very physically taxing role.

Life at Sokada

My role at Sokada will be to create, research and develop content for our clients. The social media marketing will include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok. Personally, I mainly use Instagram and TikTok in day-to-day life. I enjoy using Instagram to promote my interests using stories, keeping up with friends as well as consuming a variety of content.

A typical day at Sokada

A typical day at Sokada for me will include working on clients marketing tasks, such as writing blogs, posting on social media pages and writing content for new websites. This will involve me coming up with new creative ideas and finding ways in which to implement them to the clients unique requirements. With the aim of this to boost their interaction and reach new people to engage with their business.