Is Blogging Worthwhile To Attract New Customers?

What do I write about? How long should a blog be? I just don't have the time...all things we hear time and time again

Blogging can be one of the best ways of attracting people

keyboardMany people still don’t understand why you blog. Is blogging worthwhile to attract new customers they ask? What do I write about? How long should a blog be? I just don’t have the time…

Well, just for starters, it can get new and potential customers onto your website, therefore finding out information about you. By writing different information in your blogs, adding something new, having Q&A blogs, writing answers to questions that sit in your blog title; these all go a good way to finding new people who may never have even heard of you.

Gone are the days when the good old mailout and flyers work the best… as savvy internet marketeers, we now need to find other ways of reaching out to people to gain their trust and assist them with their buying choices.

Perhaps writing the odd blog or two won’t attract people to you. However, when you have a great social media presence and then post a link to your well written blog on each of them, perhaps with a different amount of wording, an image or two and some hashtags, then you will really start to grow your audience. Perhaps these people may not buy from you, but it sure helps by getting them to your website in the first place.

Look at the level of visitors of one of our clients this month on Google Analytics, when they posted a great written blog on 16 May, along with linking to it from Twitter and Facebook. Their stats have gone up from a daily average of around 70 visitors to a daily amount of approximately 180! Think what would happen to your business if your blogs performed so well!


And they can only consider buying from you or using your services when they know of you in the first place – right? When they go into your website in more depth, they will see that what you are selling, whether it is services or products will give them the peace of mind that you really know what you are doing, are an expert in your field and will inspire them to trust you.

Gone are the days when salespeople were able to talk their way into the prospect’s hearts. Once they have found you, your potential customers now need the proof that you are good at what you do! Why do they go with you rather than someone else down the road?

And it works in all industries – from our own web design and online marketing company, through to gardeners, plumbers, caterers, any type of online shop and much, much more. If you want to get people onto your website you need to come up with new and interesting reasons as to why they should visit you and why they should then stay on your website long enough to be reassured.

So make it interesting, add new information regularly, either by way of your blog, new pages or new images and keep at it. And there must be a continuous trend throughout your website – that you are the master at what you do.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a website is a continuous and ongoing project.

Is Blogging Worthwhile To Attract New Customers? We think so, which is why we help our customers by writing a lot of blogs for them. And we mean a lot….