The Five Steps to Social Media Success

Do you want to make your mark on the enormous world of Social Media?

Here's how to stand out......

Do you use Social Media, but want more out of it? Do you want to boost your engagements and gain more followers? There are so many users out there wanting to make their mark. It is often so easy to compare – when you should be trying to stand out!

We suggest these five steps for Social Media success!

Create Shareable Visuals

All content that is visual will often be most successful because it can be accessed by all ages and demographics. This can be done by creating graphics, interactive content or just high quality images. If your social media follows a high standard, it will imply to consumers that they will be able to expect a high quality product or service from you. The Viral platform TikTok is used to create shareable visuals – it is widely available, simple to use and can be accessed by all ages.

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Find your Brand Identity

There are many ways to build a brand identity. This links to the logo, colours and designs that all remain in the consumers’ mind. It is crucial to have as it will make or break your product, service or company instantly. Then in future posts, content by you is instantly recognisable. Resulting in your Social Media posting following a structure that is clear and effective to consumers. This applies in particular to Instagram – as it is all about aesthetics!

Update your Platforms Regularly

Experts suggest that updating your Social Media platforms twice a week as a minimum is vital, especially if you are after maximum engagements from each post. At a maximum, posting once a day could lead to a long-term following, that will look for your posts and when you are due to post them. By doing this, you will form a loyal audience who will like and comment, share your content. At the end of the day, aim for quality over quantity.

Research your Hashtags

This step won’t have to be done often, if it is done right. On various platforms, different hashtags will work better. Try to create a bank of hashtags, repetition is often good to ensure you are top of a particular hashtag. However, if you are too generic the ‘social media giants,’ will hold the top spot. Therefore, be specific to your service – but not too generic! If it has been used 1 million+ times before you will struggle to be found! If you were to use Instagram as an example, there are millions of hashtags – so instead of something like #england use #eastsussex, to target a slightly more niche audience.

Doing some research into which hashtags to use, could boost your reach massively. On many platforms you can even search by hashtag, so, if you are using the correct tags you will be viewed by more people. Then to make it even easier on yourself, save a standard bank of hashtags in your Notes on your phone, so you can dip in and out of them – but don’t always use the same range of hashtags!

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Different Content on Different Platforms

Being too repetitive will often mean that your audience will become less engaged. If they saw the post previously on another platform, they are less likely to interact with it on another. Therefore, Social Media experts suggest to only share the same content if it is more important to be widespread then have maximum engagements. Varying your content simply means it will keep consumers more interested when you post. Above all, it is most important to keep consumers interested as listening to your audience can make you very successful!

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