5 Easy Link Building Strategies

If you are marketing your website on your own, then a few extra tips from us could be cool...

Here are our top 5 easy link building strategies. Not all are that easy and they can be pretty time consuming. But it is definitely worth dipping your toe in the water and having a go. If there is anything here you don’t understand then please get in touch with us and we will help you through this. Our aim, at Sokada, is to educate our clients to get the most out of their website. We work with many clients on a regular basis. We carry out these strategies and keep them up to date. However, if you are marketing your website on your own, then a few extra tips from us could be cool.


Broken Links on your website

Some businesses who have access to the back end of their website like to keep everything nice and tidy – so they delete unused pages! However, there may be pages that influential websites are linking to and this could lose you valuable strength to your website. Reclaiming broken links is a great way to get back links in a short amount of time, with very little effort. Always make sure that if you remove a page, then you direct any strength to a new page by adding a 301 redirect. This will push the authority of the page elsewhere. Ensure you are set up on Google Webmaster Tools and you will be able to see the errors you have.

Sponsor a charity!

There are some amazing local charities around. Why not sponsor an event or part of the charity. But always ask them for a link to your website! Another very easy way to get an inbound link.

Who is talking about you?

You may have been mentioned on lots of other websites. However, not all businesses see the value in linking to you. Always worth asking them though. This is an easy link to gain…

Local listings

Make sure you are up to date with all your relevant information on any local listings. There are lots to find. Not all are as good as each other, but still worth a look. Make sure your name, address and telephone number (NAP) are always the same. This should give you a number of links into your website.

Work you have already carried out

Whatever business you are in, there must be clients you have worked for. Ask them to add a link on their website to you. Whether it is on their supplier page, in a blog post, or perhaps a case study. Anywhere that a link can be added, as long as it is in the right context, will mean you get a bit more strength to your website. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have access to their website, but it is always worth a try to ask them.

Next steps

These are just 5 easy link building strategies. There are many more, but we are hoping these will all be achievable for you. If, however you want more help, then please get in touch with our marketing team at Sokada. Either fill in the contact form, email us or call the office on 01435 817226. We look forward to helping your business grow…