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Jamie Hall – Sokada’s New Web Developer

About Me My name is Jamie Hall. I’m a 24 year old website developer from East Sussex. I’ve always been playing with code since I got my first computer when I was 9. It all started out as a pure hobby, creating silly little websites for fun and learning photoshop. I started to get more […]

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How to Get Seen on Google’s Featured Snippets

What is a Featured Snippet? It is a daily struggle to keep up to date with everything that is Google. Updates are published that only the most tech savvy have a clue of understanding. Different text boxes, images and links pop up at the top of Google on a weekly basis! One of the features […]

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5 Easy Link Building Strategies

Here are our top 5 easy link building strategies. Not all are that easy and they can be pretty time consuming. But it is definitely worth dipping your toe in the water and having a go. If there is anything here you don’t understand then please get in touch with us and we will help you […]

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GDPR – On A Lighter Note…

Just seen this on Social Media. Sums this up nicely for a Friday afternoon! The lighter side of GDPR 1. Excited for the day after GDPR deadline day when, if I understand it correctly, no one is legally allowed to talk to me ever again. 2. My mum is leaving it awfully close to the […]

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@securitykev – What A Great Instagram Angle for Ed Sheeran!

A Really Clever Marketing Angle Instagram is all about getting your name out there. Posting interesting photos, either to promote you, to just have fun or to promote other products. Well @securitykev does all of these! @securitykev, AKA Mike Myers is Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard. A beefy guy who, apart from being quite a big bloke, actually […]

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Helping Our Clients With GDPR

The 25th May is looming… The deadline for being compliant with the new GDPR legislation is the 25th May 2018. From discussions with a lot of our clients this is something that is confusing, a little scary and something they are struggling with. There are a variety of experts out there with a variety of […]

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The Importance of Networking

Why Network? As a small business, it is vital that your brand is getting as much coverage as possible. You need to know that other local businesses a: know about you and b. know what you can do to help their business grow. Networking is a great way to do this as it puts you […]

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Google Adwords

New To Google Adwords?

Where do you start? Google Adwords can be a bit of a beast. It can also swallow your money before you even realise, if you don’t have the detail in your campaigns set up correctly. There are so many nuances to Google Adwords and it is vital you ensure everything is set up to the […]

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Google’s New SSL Policy

Google has always been very keen to make websites more secure and their new policy will actively mark your website with a message stating if it is secure or not. Around 50% of all users are currently using the Chrome browser so there is a pretty good chance that if you aren’t using an SSL certificate […]

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Going social…

So you’ve launched your website, you’ve planned your local content, and you’ve set up Google Reviews. What next? Claiming your name on social media of course! How to claim your name successfully… Not only will claiming your name on social help you in search results but you can protect your brand by securing your username. […]

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