GDPR – On A Lighter Note…

With all that is GDPR, perhaps these are the best points to follow!

Just seen this on Social Media. Sums this up nicely for a Friday afternoon!

The lighter side of GDPR

1. Excited for the day after GDPR deadline day when, if I understand it correctly, no one is legally allowed to talk to me ever again.

2. My mum is leaving it awfully close to the GDPR deadline to ask if I want to opt in to receive her emails, calls and texts.

3. The kids haven’t responded to my GDPR requests so I don’t think I’m legally allowed to tell them when dinner’s on the table.

4. Just to be GDPR safe I’m gonna text everyone in my phone contacts list and tell them I hold their phone number and email address and ask if they want to continue receiving texts from me.

5. My Nan just emailed to confirm I’d still like to receive:

  • Birthday cards
  • Dove sets
  • Phone calls about nothing
  • Updates on who died

6. Do you know a good GDPR consultant?

  • Yes
  • Can you give me his e-mail address?
  • No.

7. Just received an email from a wealthy Nigerian Prince. He told me that he doesn’t have any fortune to share with me at the moment but he would appreciate if I could let him know before May 25th if I wish to continue receiving emails.

Happy Friday everyone!

A Really Clever Marketing Angle

Instagram is all about getting your name out there. Posting interesting photos, either to promote you, to just have fun or to promote other products. Well @securitykev does all of these!

@securitykev, AKA Mike Myers is Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard. A beefy guy who, apart from being quite a big bloke, actually looks pretty normal and not very security-ish. In the last couple of months, his Instagram account has taken on a different angle though, where each photograph includes both him and Ed Sheeran, in one funny scenario or another. Perhaps this has evolved by accident, but it has grown and grown, with followers rushing to keep up with these great pics – you can see the likes of the most recent posts far exceed photos from previous weeks.


This Instagram account is the most amazing way to promote Ed Sheeran. On this page, Ed is able to poke fun at himself, in one natural pose or another. You can see the entertaining and hilarious time both guys are having, whilst taking the photos. Ed will sometimes be waiting on Kev, or looking after kev and the theme running through it all is fun. But they aren’t selfies. Probably it started off like this. However, now you can tell they are taken by someone else, so it’s not such a natural Instagram account – it’s a marketing ploy to give more publicity to this fun loving duo!

securitykev has made himself into a celebrity, by always having Ed in his photos. And Ed Sheeran gets to have photos posted of the pair of them, getting up to all sorts. But they don’t have to appear on his main page – perfect! They are obviously great friends and are very natural together and Kevin Myers uses lots of great social media hashtags, such a #bae #imthedaddy #viralsensation #alwayswatching…the list goes on. And it’s great fun to see them together!

Ed obviously has his own Instagram account, as well as the millions of other accounts that are the die hard fans or people looking to make money off the back of him. But this new Instagram account is a great marketing ploy. Having over 749,000 followers, it is being talked about online.  Even in major publications, such as the Daily Mail, which has further enhanced its coverage.

What’s Your Social Media Angle?

So what’s your angle on social media? Do you have a theme that runs through all your posts? If you can think of one, then you will immediately have something to work towards, increasing your exposure and making yourself more marketable. Obviously, this could prove a bit of a challenge as you probably won’t have Ed Sheeran to back you up – but if there is a way of promoting yourself or your business in a certain way, then this could prove very successful for you.

Just take a leaf out of @securitykev’s book – make it fun!