New Website but Lost Strength?

Always remember, the little details can sometimes be the most important...

The importance of 301 redirects

So you’ve had a great new website designed for you. Lots of lovely new information and pages have been added and with some very visual calls to action. You think it’s going to be a winner – right? Wrong!

A lot of web companies do not realise the importance of using 301 redirects. These will carry the strength over from each page of your old website and keep the links coming through to your new one. So any link or follower that was attached to the old site will now come straight through to your new web pages.

New Website but Lost Strength

“A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link juice (ranking power) to the redirected page. 301 refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirect. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.”


How will this affect my business?

If you have this procedure carried out when your new website goes live, then you should see no drop in enquiries, no drop in visitors to your website and no loss in people linking to you.

But if your web company does not deal with the redirects when the site goes live, then you will need to start from scratch, building the strength back up in your new site, dealing with the daily struggle of getting new people to link to you and coping with the general apathy that can be there with gaining new interest in your work.

You must ensure that all the pages redirect somewhere on your new website, even if they are no longer active – so if you reduce the number of pages, then they must still point somewhere – very important!

Ensure you include the important information

Another point you must think about, is pages that worked for you on your old website should most probably be carried over in one form or another. Some web companies may not think about this, but if a “services” page works on your old website and is found well on search engines; bringing you in new business, then you must ensure this is repeated through to the new website. Many forget this and then wonder why their phone has stopped ringing!

Any good web company who knows about online marketing will do this as a matter of course; as well as setting up Google Analytics, so you can still check your statistics.

So if you have a new website but it has lost strength, then this is possibly the reason. Make sure your new web design company knows about online marketing! Otherwise you may be looking at a new business…

Many potential customers we meet, do not understand the different values you can put on a website.  And there is quite frankly a massive scale as to what you can pay for online services.

A lot of companies will charge completely over the top for their services, providing very little else than their name and “big chat”. Some then will offer you the world for £250! And at both ends of the scale you really should consider carefully before dipping into your pocket.

what level website you needSome businesses will see a website as an unnecessary expense; they feel they should have one, but don’t really understand why they need it. They also do not realise that they need to keep working on it to make it actually work for them. They are under the impression that once it is up there and online, that it will bring in business and no further action is needed. So a nice and cheap one is all you need – right?

Or there is the other end of the scale – a complete new branding campaign with fantastic website, online marketing, perhaps even Google Adwords, maybe Google Shopping to ensure you get seen online straight away; an all singing, all dancing website plus a marketing campaign…with bells and whistles! This can then stand the chance of being a money pit and you will need to understand that a lot of time and effort will need to be put in, as well as money spent, in keeping it up to date as well as monitoring the results and understanding whether it is giving you a good return on the investment you are putting in.

And many businesses do not realise that actually they do need to put some time and effort in, even if they are paying an outside agency to handle their campaign for them.

The Companies We Want to Work With

You may however be a local business – a medium sized company who wants a website design that will actually work for you. A site that is easy to navigate, with easy calls to action and perhaps easy to buy from. It also needs to be found online, whether nationally or locally. And it really is as simple as that. You need to know that what you put in will reap rewards.

You must still understand, however, that there will be a constant need to add new information, new images and new ideas for pages, blog posts and perhaps case studies. Even if you aren’t always found online for a specific search term, you need to be reassured that your website backs up what you are telling your customers and that you can actually do what you are claiming to do. Think of your website as a showcase for your work. Anyone can check it out so it needs to really promote what you do. Your website should be up to date and really show off what you do – make sure it is informative, truthful and relevant, so people feel reassured to buy your products or services.

Your website doesn’t always have to be the best online; leave that to the big boys, but what it does need to be is easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to buy from. The cheapest is not always best in the long run, but find your spot, in the middle of the road and be consistent…

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